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Knowledge Center

Agora is an established brand and is in the business of electrical, electronics, home appliances, tools & hardware wholesale. It is a part of a diversified conglomerate group managed by professional investment bankers from the field of finance. We are committed to the success of our customers & employees. Agora’s prime focus is to ensure that our customers are happy and effortlessly choose the right product from a wide variety of products available.

We are growing our wholesales, supply chain business in alliance with reputed brands with the state of the art infrastructure. Further, we have been successful in gaining the trust of the customers as much as the manufacturers likewise. Agora is proud about having developed markets for traders and helps generate employment for fresh graduates, empower women and also promote local economies.
Your business success is our goal

Agora is a leading market player in the wholesale trade. We are a dedicated team passionate about building and catering to our customers’ aspirations and expectations.
B2B Management:

Business-to-business transactions necessitate successfulplanning. We undergo meticulous planning beforehand in order to establish strongcorporate relationships. We nurture vital associations through professional interactions prior to sales, for successful transactions to take place. Our business acumen, coupled with strategic marketing practices and premium product offerings enable quick capturing of the customers’ attention and attain the leadership position in the market. Our presence in print and online advertising media, tradeshows and business conferences has helped in building our reputation as a brand and showcase the diverse product line and service range we offer.
Quality Policy

Quality and Inventory control is Agora’s prime focus in streamlining business ethics and customer satisfaction. We understand that quality control and inventory control are equally important to the ongoing success of our business. With an efficient CRM system and Inventory management system in place, we plan to raise productivity levels, minimizes waste and deliver quality products to meet or exceed consumers’ expectations. Our quality control systems are a predetermined set of processes and procedures that measure quality metrics by assessing specific results against these standards. The process of quality control is conducted and monitored throughout starting from procurement to meeting the deadlines with deliverables.At Agora, only time tested and quality assured products to make their way to our stores and customers. An expert team scrutinizes every product for its quality and subjects it to various levels of tests before approving. We take our quality policy very seriously and strive to get the best quality product for the best price.