Membership Form

Your Membership Matters

To enter and purchase from Agora stores, for both membership and direct customers shopping it is mandatory to become a member. Become a member easily and make the most of the best wholesale prices. Membership is for more offers on all product range.

  1. A wide range of assortments under one roof
  2. Focused assortments for your needs
  3. Consistent product availability
  4. Free Fleet Service
  5. Bonus Points on every purchase
  6. Agora Mobile App
  7. Add-on smart cards for every member to grow your business easily

Becoming A Member

To enroll as a member, you can register online here by filling up this membership form or visit our membership help desk at the store. You can also get in touch with us at

Membership can be obtained by providing a copy of a valid business license, issued by the Government of India. Members need to sign an undertaking that the merchandise purchased will be used for business purpose only or for self-consumption of an Office/Institution.

Key checklist to enroll a member

  1. A valid business license issued by Central or State Government
  2. Copy of outward sales invoice or company letterhead to be submitted along with the business license
  3. Authorization letter in case primary member is not a license holder
  4. Best Price membership form to be filled, signed and submitted
  5. Signed undertaking/declaration agreeing to the use of merchandise for business purpose only
  6. Post registration, the permanent card can be collected by displaying Government of India issued photo identification card at the membership desk.

Validity of Membership

Membership is valid until the expiry of the business license provided. For licenses that do not have a defined validity, membership is valid for 10 years from the date of signing the membership. Post expiry of the membership, a member cannot purchase from the store, unless the renewed valid license document is submitted and expiry extended on the system (member needs to submit a copy of recent outward invoice for renewal, in case of licenses with no defined validity). Membership is terminated in case any of the submitted documents is found invalid.