Our team

Manoj Singh


The Founder Member of Agora Imperium  Pvt. Ltd.   A team Visionary Leader and a Professional with more than 15 years of Experience in Corporate , is a team pioneer.

Anala Padmanabha

Goal-oriented, Time management, Micromanagement and a strategist with a strong focus on creating equal opportunity to teams, organisations and people associated. Leadership, persistent and a long term thinker

Vijay Mishra

He is an Associate Member of the  (ICSI) & Associate Member of the (AIMA). He has handled successfully an array of important assignments, functions of finance, management, fundraising through public issues, GDR, legal aspects, Budgetary Control, designing and implementing credit control procedures.

Amit Singh


The bachelor of the organization. Young, Dynamic ambitions and a team leader.  Amit is the Brain behind Efficient and Smooth operations at Agora